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Navrattan High Performance

Crete  (NHPC)

A Green “Elastopolymeric”Cement Binder  

Our Technology uses a Proprietary Binder derived through a guarded extraction process, which ultimately transforms Organic Enzymes into a highly concentrated Elastic Polymeric Powder

The Magic of NHPC is that it binds  by Covalent Bonding which is a joining of two atoms when the two share a pair of electrons.

Individual polymer chains in the NHPC Proprietary binder are linked together by these Covalent Bonds to form one Single Molecule with all of the Aggregates.

In addition, a thin plastic film cross links and permeates the entire mixture adding flexibility

Due to the Covalent Bonding nature of NC cement, it becomes Monolithic, and cures by an Exothermic Reaction,

which intrinsically expels the water

NHPC …..       


Has Strengths that Can be Adjusted to Compression requirements

Has Higher Tensile Strength than Portland Cement due to its intrinsic covalent bonding nature.


Meets and Exceeds all the Same Testing Standards as ordinary Portland cement (OPC), and Excels in Every category.

Structural Qualities

Testing at the NCBM in India



Has Low Coefficient of Expansion, and will work in freezing or tropical regions of the world.


Is Highly-Resistant or impervious to water, acids, corrosion, sulfates and more..


Will  NOT Corrode or Decompose Reinforcing, whether Steel, Fiberglass,  Basalt, Hemp, or Bamboo.

    Absolutely Stops Oxidation ...your structures are forever. 

No More Rusty Re Bars

Permeablility.......Compare OPC with NHPC 


Can be made hydrophobic, which means liquids will not penetrate like they do with OPC.

Great for:

• Waterproof basements

• Pipe Coatings

• Countertops

• Wastewater tanks

• Fish Farms

• Boats, Docks

No Bacteria or Barnacles Can Live on NHPC

NHPC will bond  better than OPC


NGC Releases  No  CO2 in Production . Earn Carbon Credits